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What are alloy wheels?

When it comes to finding a quality set of wheels for your vehicle, it can be quite a difficult process as there are a lot to choose from. But when someone describes their car as having alloy wheels, you would begin to associate them as being flashy and for show, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as alloys are much more than that; they play a vital role in your car’s safety and handling which vastly improves the performance.

Alloys are one of the lightest and strongest types of wheel you can get, as their unique design is the result of a mixture of two or more metals that are melted together to give a stronger finish. In most cases, alloys are a blend of aluminium and magnesium metals and by combining these elements you are adding strength and resistance to the wheel. Without a set of quality wheels, you will be unable to get the most out of your car because they are what convey the power and actions of your vehicle.

What are the benefits of alloy wheels?

Alloys are more than just a pretty accessory; they play a much more significant role to the performance and safety of your car and contribute to a number of key features. The most obvious benefit that they offer is that they are a much lighter alternative to steel, so they can help to increase the handling thanks to their reduced weight. Wheels are classified as the ‘unsprung weight’ section of a vehicle, meaning that they aren’t supported by the suspension, so they are more susceptible to the forces of the road. By decreasing the weight of your wheels you can improve elements such as cornering, precision movements and ride comfort, all important when it comes to a better driving performance.

Despite being a lot lighter than their steel alternatives, alloy wheels are also a lot stronger too as the materials provide a sturdier ride and provide benefits such as reduced tyre deflection when cornering. This is critical towards a car’s performance because the pressures that are applied during evasive manoeuvring are far greater and if the wheel isn’t strong enough it can result in a crash and you becoming injured.

The other benefit of the alloy material is their heat conductivity. The metals help dissipate heat from your breaks, which can increase their practical service life, their effectiveness, and also reduces the likelihood oh break fade during hard breaking.


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