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Where can I get budget car tyres?

One of the most important elements of any vehicle is the tyres, so when it comes to purchasing a new set it can be quite costly, but that doesn’t have to be. If you don’t want to break the bank to upgrade your current tyres, then you are in luck as there are many places for you to get a great deal – whether it’s through a franchised dealer, an online seller, or a fast-fit specialist who can attach them there and then.

Depending on a number of factors, you can choose to purchase a budget tyre through a number of mediums, but when it comes to variety and affordability there aren’t many better options than shopping with an online seller. Whether it’s through a merchandiser or an individual, you can be sure to find the product you need, although it is not the best option if you need a tyre on short notice. If you are good at haggling however, then the best option would be to go through a franchised dealer as they are always willing to lower the price in order to get a sale.

It is important that you upgrade your tyres regularly in order to get the most out of your vehicle, with experts recommending that you upgrade your tyres on average every six years before they begin to wear down and become a risk. It is a legal requirement to upgrade your tyres on a regular-basis, because if you let a tyre run flat or allow it to become damaged, then you could be in danger of causing an accident.

New vs. used tyres

When it comes to purchasing some tyres for your vehicle, the majority of people will opt for a brand new set, but if you are working off a budget and need to save yourself some money, then looking to used tyres can be a great idea. In many situations, used tyres are still in fantastic condition apart from a few scrapes here and there, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work and they are perfect if you are in need of a quick fix.

The downside to purchasing used tyres is that they are nowhere near as safe as their newer counterparts, so you may end up with a tyre that has many defects such as punctures or tread-wear – making it unsafe when driving in wet conditions. As well as this, used tyres don’t come with the same guarantee that you would get with a new tyre, so if a problem should occur you would not be covered.  


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