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Why is it important to have a spare tyre?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you get a blow on your tyre and have to wait for hours for a recovery vehicle to come and collect you? Well it happens more than you think and that’s why it is important that you take precaution, with one of the best safeguards being to carry a spare tyre in case of an emergency. By having a spare tyre, you are able to quickly address the problem and get yourself back up and running in next to no time, saving yourself a lot of money in the process as you may have to pay for a recovery service if you are not protected by your insurance.

With the state of the roads in Britain, the chances of you getting a flat are quite common so it would make sense that you carry a spare tyre with you at all times. Your tyre will face a lot of obstacles throughout your journey, whether it is through potholes, loose road surfaces or even discarded items that may pose a threat to your safety. Tyres take a lot of strain and are responsible for your vehicle’s wellbeing and handling, so if you do not ensure that they are in full working order you could be liable to have an accident. 

Despite the obvious advantages of having a spare tyre, there are also some drawbacks that you may want to consider, with the most obvious being that the spare tyre has been phased out in modern cars. Many car manufacturers have decided to opt out of including the spare tyre because they can be quite difficult to reattach if you are unsure about what you are doing, meaning that there is a chance you could cause an accident.

Other negatives about having a spare tyre is that they take up valuable luggage space and also have an effect on fuel economy because of the excess weight, so they could actually be costing you money to have one on board. As well as that, there is only one tyre so it would be useless if more than one of your tyres were damaged as you wouldn’t be able to drive your vehicle anyway.

There are many benefits and negatives that are associated with having a spare tyre, but if you can accommodate having one in your vehicle then it is recommended that you get one because it could save your life.


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