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What does the labelling on the tyres mean?

Fuel Efficiency and Wet Grip are both graded on a scale from A to G. A is the highest level of performance and will save you the most in terms of fuel, with G being the poorest in testing. There are no tyres rated D in order to allow a clear divide between high performing tyres and low performing tyres. Noise emissions are rated in decibels and given a numerical score or value and a bar rating in the same way phone signal is often portrayed. 3 bars being the noisest and 1 being the quietest. Below provides some examples about the different levels of performance between the best and worst tested tyres. In terms of fuel efficiency a tyre rated A will use 6 litres less fuel than a tyre rated G over the course of 625 miles. Over 10,000 miles thats a saving of nearly 100 litres of fuel, enough to buy yourself a new tyre with the saving alone. Wet Grip: A Car driving at 50mph will stop 18metres sooner on an A rated tyre than on a G rated tyre in wet conditions. This has to be a significant consideration for those carrying their families or loved ones in the U.K where rain is sadly always abundunant. Noise Emission: A tyre receiving 1 bar rating will make 4 times less noise than a tyre with a three bar rating. This though is measured as external noise, so wont always be a reflection of the noise inside the vehicle.


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