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Are winter car tyres worth the investment?

Over the last three years the UK has experienced some of the harshest winters since records began, with snowfall and ice even being documented up until late April – something that is usually unheard of. So with the unpredictability of the weather and the restrictions that it places on many drivers over the winter months, it would make sense that you invest in a set of winter tyres to cope with the environments. Motorists have often found that they are stranded as they struggle to climb even the slightest verge, while breaking and cornering can be quite risky too – so it begs the question: are winter tyres worthwhile?

What are the key benefits?

If you are considering purchasing a new set of winter tyres for your car, but you are unsure as to whether or not they are a worthwhile investment then you should consider the benefits that they will provide you. As the conditions deteriorate in the winter months and the roads become unstable, then it’s important to know that you are safe and the right set of tyres can ensure that. Here are some common benefits that fitting snow tyres can bring to your car:

·         Better grip – the winter months can make the roads unstable as a build-up of snow and ice can cause you to lose your grip and create an accident, but with winter tyres this problem could be avoided. Having the ability to maintain grip and traction in the winter is governed by the tyres, making them one of the most important safety features of a car, so putting winter tyres on your car is crucial when the weather gets bad


·         Enhanced performance – the compound and design of a winter tyre provides you with better grip and control, so if you are breaking or cornering then you can rest assured you will have enough grip to keep you safe. So if you are in an emergency situation where you are required to take evasive action, the winter tyres can ensure that you don’t become involved in an accident


·         Greater control and safety – thanks to its specially created tread design, the winter tyre has can offer better grip and traction in the snow and ice while providing you with enhanced stability and a safer means of travel

Although winter tyres come with an expensive price tag you cannot deny that they help make your driving experience a whole lot safer in the winter months, making them an excellent investment in the long run.  


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